2° Episodio 1-05-01
Poppy's speech

At 6,45 sharp, the launching ramp suddenly gave of an intense blue glow followed by a whistling noise

.eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one,


A terrible roar echoed through the air and the missile left behind a brite wake whic…….. in a few minutes became a small dot in the sky.

They were all startled and in that moment Poppy's emotions spread to all his friends hearts who were watching the extremely fast path of the space-ship.

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Because of the fast velocity of the missile, poppy lost his senses and when he regained consciousness, the earth appeared to him like a ball where the shape of the continents coud be seen as on a map.


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Inside the transistor room Poppy floated in space for there was not gravity, His movements were very slow as in a slow motion film.
After orbiting tree times, during which he rested for a few hours, he opened a can of peas, lentils and celery that were vacuum packed and had his first meal in space. He threw the can in the pulverizing machine and opened his tool case and the electronic components, to set hup the transmitting station necessary for his speach to the poppies and daisies all over the world.
The sky was an intense blue and the red earth had an orange halo, just like the moon when it rises in the tropical seas
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At the start of the thirty-third time around in orbit, Poppy finished setting up the transmitting station and everything was ready to comunicate with the poppies and daisies on earth.
Poppy's speech, which was in flower language, was to be picked up trough the pistils, all human beings with a good heart would be able to follow his speech thank to a simultaneous translation brought to them by the flower Pistils.

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Poppy started with these words (whic we will print in the original language)

" Raed sdneirf morf eseht suolevram retuo ecaps……….".

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" I address this speech to all the daisies and poppies of the earth as well as to all the uman beings who have a good heart.
The man who have lived on our planet for many centuries have been developing a science composed of all the inventions made for human well being

All of us, daisies and poppies alike, agree about the objective of uman well being, but we won't agree any more if the discoveries of science are used to offend the wear, the animals, the birds, the sea, the plants, the flowers, the air that we breathe and the natural sounds of the earth.

My little friend Pinchy told me that 56 years ago many of his ancestors were burned to death as a result of an abuse of science discoveries.

This terrible act happened during the last world war when on august 6th and 9th of 1945, two "atomic bombs" where launched on Hiroscima and Nagasaki.

After this incident the great scientists Einstain and the great philosopher Beltrand Russel, together with other scientists with good hearts, left an important message to all men, known as the

" Testament of Einstein "

"if we will know how to use the intelligence of man and the tremendous power of the energy at our disposal for pacific and uman ends, we will find the door to a new paradise; otherwise we risk the danger of an universal tragedy "

Dear friends for this moment on our obligation should be to unite all those who protect the weak, the animals, the birds, the sea, the plants, the flowers, the air that we breathe and the natural sounds of the earth ".

Concluding his speech, Poppy ate a small rations of peas, lentils and celery and rested for a few hours suspended in the air as if in a virtual hammock.


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