1° Episodio 1-04-01
Why Poppy decided to go into orbit
























It was the first day of may

one of those days God gives us
in which the sun warms up spring's scents
and invites us to dip ourselves
into the blue sea.


Where are Daisy and Poppy?
Klik among the poppies……






















That day, Daisy and Poppy danced and danced, in the town of Perdas,
where Poppy would have started his outer space adventure.

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Klik on the meadows to see Poppy and Daisy.


During the nigt, Daisy tolked a long time with Poppy but she was warried
for the adventure that was waiting for his friend.
He could not put it off any more.
Even the yellow flowers of mimosa and the white and pink flowers of the almond and peach,
and moreover the upupa (the little sardinian peacock), could guess the danger
that the perfumes and colors of that paradise could bring.
The mission of Poppy was really very, very important.





























Everyone, just everyone that nigt went to the meeting :
the wise stones that from the mountain look down to the sea, the jetties,
the goats and the young lambs, the boars, the sparrows, the wild rabbits,
the wolwes and the roe-bucks, the trees and the flovers.
They all sensed the danger that one day " the monster with its terribles tentacles of cement "
Could devour them all.

He should have gone into orbit and invite all the Poppies of the world as well as the daisies
to unite to save the heart and leave to all the children a cleaner and lovlier planet.

The sun was still behind the mountains and Poppy woke up suddenly, to the cuckoo's warning.
He wiped haway the last drops of dew and, quietly, covered by the shade of the other Poppies
went to the take-of ramp, where the missile was waiting for the count down.
Poppy was a sardinian poppy and for this reason was at the missile basis of " Perdasdefogu"
whose short name is "Perdas". ( Perdas means stones and fogu means fire ).
Perdas is found in the hills of the sout-west of Sardinia . Billions of stars every nigt illuminate the sky of this village and the moon reflects the rays of the sun, like e big, wonderfull lantern.

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Poppy stoely went up the steeps to the space station and entered into the transistor room
through an open window that aired the room.
He waited impatiently for a long time and everyone suffered with him in those waiting hours.
Daisy would have liked to go with Poppy, but she could not because she had to go back
to her fiends with whom the mission was decided: the stones, the flowers, the trees, the birds
and hall the others components of the wild and beautiful nature of Sardinia.
Everybody with their nouses turned up waited for the count down that at 6: 45 a.m.
would have started the adventure of Poppy.

Poppy and Daisy have to go to the rocket
Help them with the mouse.
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